Sons of the West
Watergardens are proud to partner with the Western Bulldog Community Foundation for the Son of the West program.
Published 04 October

What is the ‘Sons of the West?’

Sons of the West is a FREE health program for men aged 18 and over living, working and recreating in Victoria’s west. It consists of programs aimed to improve your mental health and physical health through a series of workshops, presentations, events and experiences. The Sons of the West now runs three programs over the calendar year helping men across Victoria’s west improve their health. Get together with your mates, get healthy and pick up some cool free stuff while you’re doing it. It doesn’t get much easier than this.

Why Men’s Health?
The stats tell us that men out west are some of the unhealthiest in Victoria. We want to chip away at these numbers by raising awareness and helping men live better, eat better and get back into the game of life.

Males living in Maribyrnong have the lowest life expectancy in urban Victoria (76.5 years)
9 per cent of Victorian males are overweight or obese - in Hobsons Bay this jumps to 50 per cent
Less than 1 in 5 Victorian men smoke - in Brimbank this jumps to 1 in 3
In Victoria 41 per cent of people report being involved in organised sport – in Wyndham only 30 per cent are involved in sport
9 per cent of men living in Melton are classified as sedentary – almost double the Victorian average
3 per cent of men within the Central Highlands of regional Victoria are obese
4 per cent of Victorian males are obese; in Central Goldfields this jumps to 28.1 per cent

Who is it for?
Sons of the West is open to all men over the age of 18 who live, work or recreate in Victoria’s west.
The Western Bulldogs partner with local councils and community health centres within the municipalities of Ballarat, Brimbank, Hobsons Bay, Maribyrnong, Melton, Sunbury and Wyndham. This year we are also proud to have Central Goldfields Shire rolling out the program in Maryborough.
The program caters for all levels of knowledge and fitness. The programs physical activity sessions are split into three groups of varying levels including ‘Getting Active, ‘Active’ and ‘Active Advanced’. We aim to make exercise fun, achievable and enjoyable – just the way it should be.

What happens in the Premiership Season?

Each session runs for 2 hours at 17 different sites. Each week the first hour of the session will have an interactive presentation from experts in men’s health. One week you will be hearing from cancer survivors, the next you will be making fresh healthy meals in an interactive cooking class.  At Sons of the West, no two sessions are the same!

Physical Activity
During the second part of the session, we will put our knowledge to the test by getting out and you guessed it… being active! The physical activity sessions cater for all levels of knowledge and fitness. The session is broken down into three different groups for all different fitness levels. We all have good days and bad days, so please remember that at any time throughout the program you can move up and down within these groups. Your health is our priority.

How do I get involved?
Easy! All you have to do is turn up to a session. Contact the Sons of the West team on (03) 9680 6355 or email [email protected] for upcoming sessions and more information.