Hocus Pocus HQ
Have you ever wanted to be a master magician? 🔮 Then stay tuned for our new video series Hocus Pocus HQ, starring the one and only Elio Simonetti! We will share new videos each week for lessons on ‘Tricks you can Learn’ and ‘Magic you can perform’ at home so you can be on your way to becoming the next commander of magical trick performing. Scroll down for our video series & some fun downloadable magic activity packs.
Published 22 June

Wonders In White:



Lucky Numbers:



Old & New Mysteries:



Sourcery of Spheres:


Magnetic Personality:



Card Trick:



Colours of Conjuring: 


You can now practice your own Hocus Pocus in the comfort of your own home and impress your audience with our downloadable Magic Tricks & Activities! Learn how to make a coin disappear, craft your own unique magic wand or discover what type of magician you would be.  

Coin Trick: Click here to download



Magic Wand: Click here to download



What type of Magician are you? Click here to download


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