Food Moods
Some days you’re on a health kick, other days you just want to and – it’s natural, we get it! From sweet to carb to lean, green and everything in between, we’ve got the answer to your next big craving.
Published 16 November

Ever been struck by that feeling that you just have to eat a very certain something, like now? You can’t think straight, you have no patience for options, you’re on a mission!

When it comes to food cravings, our body and mind can be a very powerful and persuasive duo, convincing us – with great urgency – that we simply must eat that pizza, cake, salad or smoothie that our body craves.

The good news is, no matter what kind of mood takes you, we’ve got a big, delicious world of flavours and cravings to explore. Hungry for something super-specific? Heed the call, follow your mood and satisfy your craving right here at Watergardens.


In the Mood for… Hot & Spicy

When it comes to being addictive, spice is up there as one of the most powerful food groups. Maybe it’s the mood-boosting endorphin hit, maybe it’s the risk of the unknown – whatever it is, spicy food sure knows how to deliver an instant, legal rush that some of us just keep going back for. When your mood is screaming ‘spice!’ there are plenty of options to satisfy the urge, from Indian curries and Thai salads to spicy fried chicken and Mexican beans. And if it doesn’t quite hit the mark, just ask for an extra serve of chilli, salsa or sriracha on the side.


Thai Alley - Green Curry Chicken

The Sporting Globe - Habanero Chicken Wings


In the Mood for… Comforting Carbs

In the category of classic comfort food, there’s usually one thing that unites them all: carbohydrates, and plenty of them. From pies, pizza and pasta to fries, noodles and mash, carbs have the power to truly satisfy. Science says that carbohydrates increase the amount of mood-boosting serotonin in the brain, which means that carbs really do equal happiness! Hard week? Broken heart? When you’re in the mood for comfort don’t fight it, get your carb fix and feel the joy.


Switch - Wood fire Double Bacon Cheeseburger Pizza

Grill'd - Emperor Wagyu Beef Burger


In the Mood for… Green & Healthy

Veggies and salad aren’t usually the first things to spring to mind when you mention the word “craving,” but there are definitely times when your body will crave healthy food – especially so if you’ve just done a massive workout or if you’re feeling sick or run-down. If it’s been a while, sometimes even a bowl of steamed broccoli can seem like a revelation. In some cases, your healthy food craving is your body’s way of signalling a nutrient deficiency – so tuck in to those greens.


Soul Origin - Chicken Avocado Salad

Cedar Bakery - Superfood Tabbouleh


In the Mood for… Fish & Seafood

From sushi to pokè, mussels to oysters and even good old fish and chips, there are endless ways to enjoy the ocean’s bounty, if that’s what your mood is hinting at. Wonderfully versatile and adaptable, fish and seafood marry up beautifully with a range of different cuisines. Plus, they’re high in protein and nutrients, and chock-full of health-giving omega-3 fatty acids, which are said to boost brain function, balance moods and reduce depression. Feeling flat? Could be time for a fish fix.


Hunky Dory - Healthy Hunky Bowl

Sushi Hub - Tempura Prawn Maki Roll


In the Mood for… Something Sweet

After all the ups and downs of the year so far, it sure is nice to be able to return to some of the food rituals we love. If you’re someone with a sweet tooth, then the idea of heading out with a pal for a serious sugar binge is a sure way to hit the spot. The great thing is, sweet cravings can be satisfied in a million different ways – we’re thinking coffee and cake, decadent desserts, cookies and donuts, frappes and thick shakes, maple-drizzled pancake stacks and all things chocolate… are you in the mood yet?


San Churro - Carnival Loopy Sundae

Cannoleria - Freshly Filled Ricotta Cannoli


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