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Stock up on back-to-school essentials
Published 12 January

Keen to get your kids motivated and organised for being back at school? Now’s the time to update all those school essentials they’ve lost, forgotten and outgrown since school was last in.

There’s no doubt it’s been a demanding year for school kids and one that’s looked a whole lot different to every other year before it. But with the past few months spent engaged in at-home learning, children all across the state are finally getting back to school IRL (that stands for “in-real-life,” Mum and Dad) –which is cause for great excitement.

As we head into the final stretch of a challenging year, get them set with these shoes, clothing items, accessories and stationery essentials –plus some special back-to-school motivators to get them over the line.



First things first, go back to basics and ensure their stationery needs are fully stocked. Depending on their age and needs, a quick run-through of this checklist of essentials should help jog your memory.

Notebooks and folders, pens (black, blue, red), grey lead pencils, erasers, pencil sharpeners, highlighters, a 30-centimetre ruler, scissors, glue stick. Oh, and does that ink-stained pencil case need replacing?

These are just some of the essentials you’ll want to make sure they have packed as they head back to the classroom, but to add a spark to their school work, perhaps throw in some extra special additions too. Think multi-coloured pens, magic markers and texta sets, or nurture that creative streak with a full set of coloured pencils.




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As the weather begins to warm up, it’s also the perfect time to get kids kitted up with some new summer school threads. “No hat no play” will be a familiar summer catchphrase for Australian kids, which makes SunSmart hats a true schoolyard must-have. For the best protection, look for a broad brim, a long peak or a legionnaire’s flap. Shorts are a must for free play on warm summer days, as well as a pair of durable trousers for cooler days and a good rotation of breathable cotton t-shirts. Sports are back! Which means you may also need to upgrade those too-small netball skirts, soccer boots and cricket whites.


Big W



big w



When it comes to childhood, one thing is for certain, kids’ feet never seem to stop growing. With footwear retailers having been closed for expert fitting these past months it’s a good bet there are more than a few tight shoes, cramped toes and worn-in heels around town at the moment. But with stores opening again for fitting and sizing, the time to update those kicks is now. From sneakers and trainers to the classic, durable black leather school shoe, you’ll find a range of styles specifically designed to weather the daily grind and support growing feet.


The Athletes Foot


Spendless Shoes

Shoe Warehouse

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While backpacks used to be considered somewhat nerdy, they are now a super-cool fashion accessory and with more brands and styles available than ever before, kids are spoiled for choice. Choose from a range of styles, from roll-top and drawstring to clam-shell, satchel or classic u-shape design. The most important thing to remember: when it comes to school backpacks, durability is key. A good backpack will be hardy enough to handle hefty lunchboxes, heavy books and all manner of miscellaneous items. It will need to endure being thrown into car boots, under bus seats, into lockers and slung hastily over shoulders. With many school students, particularly high-schoolers, now using tablets and laptops as well as regular old pens and notepads, you may want to consider something with a dedicated laptop compartment.





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Time to give that battered old lunch box an upgrade? With so many styles on offer picking a new one can also be an excellent way to encourage their lunchtime appetite. Choose from the classic sturdy lunch box in microwave-safe material or a freeze-able lunch bag that can keep drinks cool and fruit fresh on hot days. A stainless-steel sandwich box is timeless and durable, while Bento box styles (with lots of different compartments) are a fantastic way for kids to get a taste of everything. Staying hydrated through the school day is especially important for developing bodies and minds. Along with water bottle styles in glass, plastic and metal, you’ll also find dual-function thermos drink bottles that can also carry hot soup in winter, freeze-able plastic pop-tops and many more.


The Reject Shop 


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