Food Court Upgrade
We are very pleased to announce that works have commenced on our food court upgrade project.
Published 30 August

The food court upgrade project follows our recent revitalisation of Station Street, and forms part of our commitment to the continued evolution of Watergardens.


This project will deliver a significant upgrade of Watergardens’ food court, including new furniture, a new layout, and other associated cosmetic improvements, and forms part of our multi-year vision to create a true town centre destination that embodies the aspirations of our community. 


While it is too early to confirm exact timings, works commenced in late August, and we expect the food court upgrade project to be complete by the end of November. 


Chatime - back soon!
Muffin Break - back soon!


Watergardens will remain open for business throughout these works. 


Keep an eye on our Facebook page and website to make sure you’re up to date with more exciting announcements and updates. 

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