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Introducing: Hemp Apparel by THRILLS.
Good for the planet is better for you.
Published 07 October
Universal Store

 We've combined forces with THRILLS to produce an exclusive capsule collection made sustainably with hemp. The capsule features fourteen carefully curated pieces and four accessories made using the premium and sustainably made fabric, showcasing mutual appreciation for classic staples and shared passion for a better fashion industry. 

Since 2012, we've collaborated with THRILLS to deliver Australia’s most-loved vintage-inspired clothing, denim and accessories, and this collection reaches a new level. Together, we’ve spent months developing staple pieces we know customers will adore; spanning from men’s and women’s tees, shirts and dresses to denim and accessories in neutral-toned unbleached and almond colourways. 

THRILLS Design Manager Mike Fishwick explained the project goes beyond the clothing itself, accelerating the companies’ sustainable future goals while showcasing the incredible benefits that come with hemp clothing. 

Mike elaborates by revealing that "the purpose behind the collection is far greater than the pieces; it’s about taking accountability and doing our part to transform the industry through transparency and reduce our footprint on the planet. From cultivation to production, hemp continues to give back to the world in more ways than one; being biodegradable, using lower pesticides, fertilisers and water, while proving to be durable and breathable. What we choose to wear says both who we are and what we stand for, so we wanted to give our customers the opportunity to express the kind of future they want to live in.” 

Universal Store and THRILLS’ new and exclusive Hemp collection is available online and in select stores now.

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